TMCC Junior Rider Profile: Braith Piper

Age in 2019: 13

1. My first motorbike ride
Around nan’s house on a PW50 when I was 8.

2. The reason I started riding a motorbike
My whole family rides.

3. My first motorbike and other bikes I have ridden
2006 CR85 and PW50. JR80 and dad’s Y2 250.

4. Members of my family who ride motorcycles
Dad, Pop, Uncle and cousins.

5. People who support me with/sponsor my motorcycle riding
Hunter Valley Paintball, JP Moto, Matrix Signs.

6. The year I become a TMCC member and my favourite part of the TMCC track
2017. Start Gate.

7. My other sports or hobbies
Cricket, BMX, Scooters and Golf.

8. My favourite sportsperson
Chad Reed.

9. Classes I have been riding in during 2019
12-16 85/150 Big Wheel.

10. What I like best about riding a motorbike
Going fast.