TMCC Junior Rider Profile: Hayden Nelson

Age in 2019: 12

1. My first motorbike ride
My Dad first took me for a ride when I was about 6 months old.

2. The reason I started riding a motorbike
I always used to love watching dad ride motorbikes. So when I got a PW-50 I was so excited.

3. My first motorbike and other bikes I have ridden
My first bike was a PW-50, then a KTM 50, a Husqvarna TC 65 and a Husqvarna TC 85.

4. Members of my family who ride motorcycles
My Dad loves riding, we always like to ride with each other and we have the normal banter about who is faster.

5. People who support me with/sponsor my motorcycle riding
Obviously my Mum and Dad are a big support for my racing, as well as my awesome sponsors – Husqvarna Australia, Rock Motorcycles and Motorex Oils.

6. The year I become a TMCC member and my favourite part of the TMCC track
I became a member in 2011. My favourite part of the track is braking into stop corner.

7. My other sports or hobbies
I also enjoy playing soccer, waterskiing, fishing and farming

8. My favourite sportsperson/s
My favourite sportspeople are Jack Miller and Troy Bayliss because they are Aussie and because of their grit and determination.

9. Classes I have been riding in during 2019
I ride in the 85cc 11-13 small wheel and big wheel classes.

10. What I like best about riding a motorbike
I love the high speeds and different techniques for different disciplines.