TMCC Junior Rider Profile: Thoren Openshaw


1. My first motorbike ride
In my backyard.

2. The reason I started riding a motorbike
I used to watch YouTube and always wanted one.

3. My first motorbike and other bikes I have ridden
Honda CRF 50, KTM 50,65,85, Honda 250 & 450.

4. Members of my family who ride motorcycles
My mum & dad & pop & Uncle Dave.

5. People who support me with/sponsor my motorcycle riding
Pop, nan, mum & dad.

6. The year I become a TMCC member and my favourite part of the TMCC track
2015. Stop Corner.

7. My other sports or hobbies
BMX, mountain biking.

8. My favourite sportsperson
Troy Bayliss.

9. Classes I have been riding in during 2019
65 & 85.

10. What I like best about riding a motorbike
Everything. I just love riding.