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HAYDEN GRANT – TMCC 2018 Most Improved Award Interview

Posted on December 7, 2018 by Administrator in

Congratulations on receiving the TMCC 2018 Most Improved Award, Hayden.



Did you become interested in bikes because of someone else or something in particular?
As a baby I always loved motorbikes. When I came to live here with Ma and Dean. Dean had a Harley road bike and I loved it and we got a Jr50 to ride around the farm.

At what age did you first ride a motorbike?
3 years old with training wheels.

What sort of bike was it?
Suzuki JR50

Where did you ride it?
Around the farm.

What other bikes have you had over the years?
1997 Suzuki JR50, 2003 KTM SX50 JNR, 2000 Kawasaki KX60, 2003 Honda XR80R, 2000 Kawasaki KX 80, 2017 Husqvarna TC65 and a 1998 Kawasaki KX125 Dean and I are restoring. I enjoy riding Sevannahs Suzuki Ds80 in the bush.

Do/did other members of your family ride motorcycles and what sort of riding were they interested in?
Dean has always had dirt bikes, Harley road bikes and vintage bikes over the years.
My sister Sevannah has a DS 80 she enjoys riding slowly.



How old are you now?
8 years old.

How long have you been a member of TMCC?
3 Years

What motorcycle/s have you been riding this year?
KX60, XR80 and a TC65.

What class/classes did you compete in during 2018?
7-9 yo 65cc and the 7-10yo 80 mod.

Did you ride in all/most of the race meetings at the TMCC Old Bar Roadside circuit?
Yes and the practice days too.

Did you travel to any ‘away meetings’ this year?
Akubra Classic Kempsey and the Grass Track Shake down @ Kempsey.

Was there one particular (home or away) event which you enjoyed most this year?
The Grass Track Shake down @ Kempsey.



Is there any part of the TMCC (home) track which you enjoy riding on most?
Through the dog leg.

Do you have any suggestions as to what else you would like to see happening at TMCC?
Enduro or Grass tracks.

What events are you looking forward to next year?
The Twilight meeting, NSW titles, Akubra Classic and some grass track racing.

Is there anyone who you would like to thank for supporting you?
My Ma and Dean and my family who come to watch me. The other club members who have helped me.

Do you have any sponsors who you would like to thank?
Darren and Donna Collins from Thompsons Motor Body Builders Pty Ltd. Taree.

Is there a motorbike rider or other sportsperson who you admire and why are you such a fan?
Troy Bayliss because he’s the best. Scott Boyd and Troy Baker for their coaching.

Do you have any good advice for people interested in becoming motorbike riders?
Buy good safety gear. Look after your bike.

Is there any other comment you would like to make?
Motorbike riding is great fun and you make good mates.


Thanks for your time, Hayden – well done again on receiving the Most Improved Award this year and all the best for next year.