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Posted on May 3, 2019 by Administrator

TMCC would like to thank all our followers and those associated with our Club for your continued interest. Your “likes”, “loves”, “wows”, comments and sharing on social media or in person are acknowledged with much appreciation. Your ongoing support and your attendance at events throughout the year are of significant importance to the Club.

Notable past and present achievements are proudly associated with TMCC and its members and there is much excitement and interest in anticipation of future happenings at the Club.

We want to share this with the motorcycling, and wider, community.

For those already part of this great Club, we warmly welcome you to continue the journey with us.

For those considering joining us, we cordially invite you to do so.

A club is an association of individuals, each different, who form a group for a common interest.

A motorcycle club is an association of individuals, each different but who have an attraction to motorcycles – riding, working on or watching the machines in action – people with a passion for motorcycling.

Motorcycling Australia details that “Clubs are the smallest, but one of the most important, units of organisation in our sport. They often provide the face-to-face contact that encourages people to join motorcycle sport. They have also traditionally provided a social aspect which makes our sport, in particular, one which attracts people and often keeps them involved for entire lifetimes”.

Sport offers numerous benefits to those involved, either actively or passively.

TMCC considers that it is aligned with the concepts contained in Clearinghouse for Sport which notes under the Introduction to Sport in Rural and Regional Australia that:

“Sport plays an important role in rural, regional, and remote Australia. It can bring regional communities together; contribute positively to community identity and sense of place; promote social interaction and community inclusion; and play an important role in providing opportunities for physical activity and improved health outcomes. Additionally, rural and regional Australian centres are increasingly hosting sporting events that provide economic stimulus and instil a sense of community pride. Traditionally, these communities have also developed many of Australia’s elite athletes due to their unique cultural characteristics and physical environments among other attributes.”

Be part of the sport of motorcycling. Ride oiled, dirt track at TMCC or spectate. We look forward to seeing you at our Old Bar Roadside Circuit.