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Taree Motorcycle Club Championship Round 3 – Sunday 19th May 2019

Posted on May 22, 2019 by Administrator

On Sunday 19th May, Taree Motorcycle Club held Round 3 of its 2019 Club Championship at its Old Bar Roadside Circuit.

A good turnout of riders competed on the day and the Club thanks all Juniors and Seniors who took part in the race meeting.

A number of riders achieved multiple podium finishes at the Championship round.
Juniors: Mitch Bisley achieved two 1st places; Will Bisley two 1st places and one 2nd; Zane Hopkins two 1st places; Bailey Lennon two 2nd places; Hayden Lennon one 1st and two 2nd places; Thoren Openshaw one 2nd and one 3rd place and Mitchell Provost two 3rd places.
Seniors: Dale Austin achieved one 1st and one 2nd place; Beau Baff one 2nd and one 3rd place; Ken Bisley two 1st places; Daniel Evans one 1st and two 3rd places and Luke Turner one 1st and two 2nd places.

The full list of results is as follows:



Division 1 4-U9yrs
Blake Nicholson #15, Mitchell Hyne

Division 2 7-U9yrs
1st Chayse Trappel #777, 2nd Eason Cross #52

65cc 7-U9yrs
1st Hayden Grant #321, 2nd Chayse Trappel #777, 3rd Logan Turner #12

65cc 9-U13yrs
1st Zane Hopkins #291, 2nd Thoren Openshaw #296, 3rd Jack Fritsch #64

80-125cc Trail 8-U12yrs
1st Harvey Nicholson #115

85cc 4st Mod 8-U12yrs
1st Will Bisley #45, 2nd Bailey Lennon #271, 3rd Lachlan Russell #555

85-150cc SW 9-U13yrs
1st Zane Hopkins #291, 2nd Will Bisley #45, 3rd Thoren Openshaw #296

85-150cc Comb 11-U15yrs
1st Will Bisley #45, 2nd Bailey Lennon #271, 3rd Mitchell Provost #617

85-150cc BW 12-U16yrs
1st Hayden Lennon #310, 2nd Braith Piper #237, 3rd Mitchell Provost #617

Junior Combined
1st Mitchell Bisley #107, 2nd Hayden Lennon #310

Jnr 250cc 4st 13-U16yrs
1st Mitch Bisley #107, 2nd Hayden Lennon #310



1st Norm Saxby #52

Over 35s
1st Ken Bisley #46, 2nd Luke Turner #69, 3rd Daniel Evans #122

1st Dale Austin #134

19″ Flat Track
1st Luke Turner #69

Pro 250
1st Brock Saxby #99, 2nd Dale Austin #134

Pro Open
1st Ken Bisley #46, 2nd Beau Baff #169, 3rd Daniel Evans #122

Pro 450
1st Daniel Evans #122, 2nd Luke Turner #69, 3rd Beau Baff #169

Taree Motorcycle Club also thanks riders’ support teams, officials, volunteers and spectators for their contribution to the day and Times photographer, Scott Calvin for coming out to the track.