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Taree Round of ‘Coast v Country’ – Saturday 27th April 2019

Posted on April 30, 2019 by Administrator

(Photos taken by Vicki Page)


On Saturday 27th April 2019, Gunnedah and Taree Motorcycle Clubs competed in the Taree Round of the ‘Coast v Country’ Race Meeting.

Taree Motorcycle Club was pleased with the large number of entries for the interclub event. In addition to Taree and Gunnedah members, a number of riders from other motorcycle clubs also competed and were required to nominate whether they would be riding for Taree or Gunnedah.

Taree appreciated the addition of Kempsey riders (Junior, Jarred Loveday and Seniors, Beau Baff and James Chapman) and Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club rider (Jack Joel) who nominated to race for Taree as well as and Sydney riders (Seniors, Casey Heatley and Shane Richards) who again travelled up the highway to the Taree Motorcycle Club Old Bar Roadside Circuit and raced for Taree – with Greg Heatley in support of Casey and Shane.

There was friendly, yet competitive, action on the oiled dirt track during the event and a general enjoyable and good sporting atmosphere at the complex throughout the day.

Taree’s Dick and Libby Bisley had the opportunity to watch both their son’s and their son’s boys (grandsons) race on Saturday.

Taree’s accomplished and experienced motorcycle riding brothers, Ian and Ken Bisley, (both previous Australian Champions) lined up for Taree Motorcycle club on the Senior grids, while cousins Mitch and Will competed in the Junior classes.

Ian and Ken showed that they had retained not only their skillful riding techniques but their speed, with Ken coming in first and Ian second in the Over 35s Class.

Ian was also 3rd in the Pro 250 Class and Ken was 3rd in the MX Open Class.

Ian’s son, Mitchell #107, achieved three (3) first placings – 1st in the 85cc 2st & 150cc 4st B/W 13-U16yrs Class, 1st in the 100cc/200-250cc Combined Juniors Class and 1st in the 200cc/250cc Juniors’ Class.

Ken’s son, Will #45, achieved two (2) first placings and one (1) 3rd placing – 1st in the 85cc 11-U13yrs B/W Class, 1st in the 85cc Mods. 10-U14yrs Class and 3rd in the 65cc 9-U13yrs Class.

Taree Junior, Zane Hopkins #291, also gained two (2) first placing – 1st in the 65cc 9-U13yrs Class
and 1st in the 85cc 9-U11yrs Class.

Gunnedah Junior, Nate Jaeger #50, also gained two (2) first placings – 1st in the 65cc 7-U9yrs Class and 1st in the 85cc 4st Modified 7-U10yrs Class.

Gunnedah Senior, Marty McNamara #7, was placed 1st in the Pro Open and 1st in the Pro 450 Classes.

Young Seniors, Gunnedah’s Tom Donnelly #9 and Kempsey’s James Chapman # 69 (riding for Taree), were competitive and interchanged placings in the Pro 250, MX Open, Pro Open and Pro 450 Classes, with each rider gaining one 1st placing, two 2nd placings and one 3rd placing.

James Chapman was 1st in the Pro 250, 2nd in the MX Open, 3rd in the Pro Open and 2nd in the Pro 450.
While, Tom Donnelly was 2nd in the 250, 1st in the MX Open, 2nd in the Pro Open and 3rd in Pro 450 Classes.

Taree Motorcycle Club thanks all the riders, support crews, officials, volunteers and spectators for their positive contribution to making the event both enjoyable and successful.

The Gunnedah Round of the ‘Coast v Country’ race Meeting will be held in mid-September.

This coming weekend, on Sunday 5th May, racing continues at the Old Bar Roadside Circuit with Taree Motorcycle Club holding Round 2 of its Club Championship.

On the next weekend, the 2019 NSW Senior Dirt Track Championships will be held on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May at the Macleay District (Kempsey) Motorcycle Club’s Greenhill Speedway.

Taree Motorcycle Club acknowledges the efforts of all riders who took part in the ‘Coast v Country’ event and congratulates those who achieved podium positions as follows:



Participants: Hugo Homes #5 (G), Liam Smith #304 (G), Max Smith #249 (G), Boston Gore #18 (G)

Division 2
1st Jacob Smith #10 (G), 2nd Tyla Hinchcliffe #7 (G), 3rd Jed Lewis #564 (G)

65cc 7-U9yrs
1st Nate Jaeger #50 (G), 2nd Hayden Grant #321 (T), 3rd Jacob Smith #10 (G)

65cc 9-U13yrs
1st Zane Hopkins #291 (T), 2nd Thoren Openshaw #296 (T), 3rd Will Bisley #45 (T)

85cc 4st Modified 7-U10yrs
1st Nate Jaeger #50 (G), 2nd Hayden Grant #321 (T), 3rd Jacob Smith #10 (G)

85cc 9-U11yrs
1st Zane Hopkins #291 (T)

85cc 11-U13yrs
1st Jack Opie #850 (G), 2nd Thoren Openshaw #296 (T), 3rd Bailey Lennon #310 (T)

85cc 11-U13yrs B/W
1st Will Bisley #45 (T), 2nd Jack Opie #850 (G), 3rd Bailey Lennon #310 (T)

85cc Mods. 10-U14yrs
1st Will Bisley #45 (T), 2nd Thoren Openshaw #296 (T), 3rd Bailey Lennon #271 (T)

85cc 13-U16yrs S/W
1st Cooper Williams #10 (G), 2nd Hayden Lennon #310 (T)

85cc 2st & 150cc 4st B/W 13-U16yrs
1st Mitch Bisley #107 (T), 2nd Cooper Williams #10 (G), 3rd Hayden Lennon #310 (T)

100-150cc 2st Juniors
1st Jarrod Loveday #161 (T), 2nd Jack Joel #205 (T)

100cc/200-250cc Combined Juniors
1st Mitch Bisley #107 (T), 2nd Jay Fouracre #21 (G), 3rd Jarrod Loveday #161 (T)

200cc/250cc Juniors
1st Mitch Bisley #107 (T), 2nd Jay Fouracre #21 (G), 3rd Cooper Williams #10 (G)



1st Aaron Smith #33 (G), 2nd Jack Grosser #145 (G), 3rd Ron Passfield #46 (G)

Over 35s
1st Ken Bisley #46 (T), 2nd Ian Bisley #107 (T), 3rd Aaron Smith #33 (G)

Pro 250
1st James Chapman #69 (T), 2nd Tom Donnelly #9 (G), 3rd Ian Bisley #107 (G)

MX Open
1st Tom Donnelly #9 (G), 2nd James Chapman #69 (T), 3rd Ken Bisley #46 (T)

Pro Open
1st Marty McNamara #7 (G), 2nd Tom Donnelly #9 (G), 3rd James Chapman #69 (T)

Pro 450
1st Marty McNamara #7 (G), 2nd James Chapman #69 (T), 3rd Tom Donnelly #9 (G)

Overall Points for the Taree Round of the ‘Coast v Country’ Race Meeting were Gunnedah MCC 3 958 points and Taree MCC 3 270 points.