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The Taree Motorcycle Club 2019 Twilight Meeting

Posted on January 18, 2019 by Administrator

The Taree Motorcycle Club 2019 Twilight Meeting

The track was oiled, rolled and swept – and looking fast.
The grounds were mown, edged and tidied.
The canteen, stocked with food and drinks.
The facilities, cleaned and prepared.
Goods and services had been provided.
Skills had been shared and sweat had dripped.
Whole days were spent working at the complex.
The planning was checked and rechecked.
The Club had welcomed the sponsors’ generous support.
The rider entries were large.
An impressive list of top, talented and experienced seniors had nominated to race.
Juniors with much potential were ready to show their skills.
All official positions were filled with qualified people.
All volunteers were keen and well prepared to help.
The media enthusiastically had promoted the event.
Interested people had followed us.
Goodwill messages had come from locally and far afield.
The diesel-fueled light towers were positioned, awaiting the night.
All was ready for the big event!

On Saturday 19th January at 9:00am, the Old Bar Roadside Circuit’s gates opened.

Riders, families and support crews moved to the riders’ pit area.
Shade structures were erected.
Prized bikes were placed on their stands, with tool kits and spare parts at the ready.
Riding gear was unpacked – helmets, top and pants, boots, gloves, chest protectors,
back braces, googles, knee guards – whatever was required.

Spectators – locals and visitors – headed to the viewing mounds surrounding the track.
Shade was found where available under the large gum trees.
Gazebos were erected, camp chairs set-up and filled eskies positioned.
Special guests – including Life Members, the invited politicians, council representatives, the ground announcer – moved to the viewing deck.

Scrutineering between 10:00 – 11:15am.
Riders’ briefing at 11:30am.
A crowd of talent and their supporters assembled in the start area.
A welcome was shared and important instructions were relayed.
Practice was scheduled from noon.
Riders took to the track for the first time, anticipating a thrilling day.

1:00pm – the first race.
Riders moved to the ‘dummy grid’, some talking, some breathing deeply, others quietly contemplating the action coming, others adjusting their gear, all calm yet all excited.
As the start grid filled, a change came over the group.
Focus and concentration took over, all riders had a will to do their best.
A chance to use the skills they had, in a race with friends, with strangers, and to enjoy it.
A nod or two to fellow competitors.
Suspensions adjusted, engines revved.
Bike tyres warmed – spun with smoke rising.
All eyes then fixed on the board – 10 seconds ….. 5 seconds …..
Heads and eyes moved downwards to the starting gate.
The gate dropped and a split second later, all clutches dropped.

The bikes roared out of the grid at high speed, along the main straight towards the first left-hand corner, challenging for position, hammering, whining, bouncing, sliding in a petrol fumed haze of sheer excitement and determination.

The Taree Motorcycle Club 2019 Twilight race meeting had begun!

(I would like to take this opportunity to commend Taree Motorcycle Club members and all others involved for their extensive work in organising and preparing for the 2019 Twilight event. I wish the Club and riders all the best for a successful and enjoyable race meeting.
Lee Stewart).