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Twilight “Thank You” from TMCC Secretary, Barry Evans

Posted on January 24, 2019 by Administrator

On behalf of the Taree Motorcycle Club Committee and members, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the holding of the TMCC 2019 Twilight Race Meeting.

The part each of you played, whether large or small – whether by riding, supporting, sharing skills, giving of your time, imparting knowledge or viewing – contributed to a most enjoyable, exciting and successful event.

Our thanks go out to all riders – Senior and Junior – for entering in the event. With your willingness to come to Taree and compete – there is an event! Thanks to the families and friends who support each rider. We acknowledge that organisation, effort and travel – whether from nearby, further afield or a great distance – goes into each trip.

In his President’s Welcome, Troy Baker extended his thanks to all those who have shared their skills and given of their time to organise the race meeting, assisted in preparing the track and surrounds, prepared the canteen and cleaned the facilities in readiness for the event.

As well as supporting Troy in thanking those who helped in preparation for the event, I now thank all those who were officials and volunteers on Saturday.

On behalf of TMCC, I extend the Club’s appreciation to the officials who all filled essential roles at the Twilight – to those out on the track, the MA Steward, the Clerk of the Course, Scrutineer and Assistant Scrutineers, those on the ‘dummy grid’, the starters, those working the start gate, those on the finish line; to those right next to the race action, on Turn 1, Turn 2, Turn 3, Turn 4 and Turn 5; and to those in the tower, Race Secretary and Timing.

I extend the Club’s appreciation to all the volunteers who also had important roles at the Twilight – at the complex entry, around the track, checking the facilities and in the canteen.

Thank you to Taree Fish Co-Op who supplied a giant ‘esky’ of ice for the day – in the heat we had on the 19th, that was absolutely necessary.

I also thank those who helped pack-up, clean-up and put-away after the event.

The Club’s thanks go out to all spectators – local and visiting, our Life Members and past committee and past members, current members, their families and friends – for coming to the event.

Thanks particularly to those who came for the whole meeting – day into night under lights – those who were interested enough to stay through the heat. When such a spectacle is on, having an audience to enjoy it makes a difference.

I extend the Club’s appreciation to our official guests – The Hon. Stephen Bromhead MP, Member for Myall Lakes, Mid Coast Council Mayor, David West, and son, Harry, and Mid Coast Council General Manager, Adrian Panuccio – for their attendance at the Twilight Race Meeting, particularly on this occasion in extremely hot conditions.

Our official guests’ attendance at the Twilight would ensure they are aware of the great asset the TMC complex is and the great potential it holds for the Taree area.

As the President did, I also acknowledge our sponsors, both Twilight and general, whose strong support and generous response, are essential to the Club.

Special thanks go to Jenny Fahey, Meg Dixon and Tricia Fahey for the sponsoring and presentation of the Over 35s Peter Fahey Memorial.

TMCC also acknowledges the great support of Motorcycling NSW.

Mick McDonald, Manning River Times Journalist, is always interested in what’s happening at the Club and Scott Calvin, Times/Extra Photographer, came out to the Twilight to take great photos.

Thanks also to 1557 2RE AM Radio’s Glen Thomas and ABC Local Radio’s Peter Rasmussen.

I extend the Club’s many thanks to Peter Baker for his great pre and post event “Press Releases” and his non-stop, knowledgeable, fluent, interesting announcing for numerous consecutive hours, from the start of the action through to the end of Presentations.

Thank you also to those who have continued or started to follow TMCC on social media.

Riders, all of you – from those at the front of the field, those in the middle to those at the rear – you made the Twilight what it was with your good sporting attitude, your professional approach, your skills, your friendliness, your co-operation, your humility, your experience, your potential and your absolutely top-rate, exciting racing.

While, TMCC held race meetings continuing through the day and into the night in 2011 and 2012 and the Troy Bayliss Classic in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 – now we have the Twilight Race Meeting on the third Saturday of January – and potentially, a regular event on the motorcycling dirt track calendar.

See you at the TMCC track at the next Twilight – or, I hope, before!

Be safe and keep enjoying the Sport of Motorcycling.

TMCC Secretary
Barry Evans